IMG_4441Greetings! If you haven’t already surfed through the menus on my portfolio, I have a knack for storytelling of all kinds, whether it be through writing or photography.

When I was first introduced to the art of journalism in my freshman year of college, I was lost. I knew I was decent at writing, but that’s all I had going for me at the time. I was still timid and uncertain of my future. I’m no quitter, though; I kept pushing on. As my college career progressed, my skills as a storyteller and reporter progressed. However, more important than my growing skill was my growing passion.

I grew to love the craft of storytelling.

I joined my community college’s newspaper, El Paisano, and after a semester I took on the position of A&E editor. I interned at the campuses grants department and contributed to a city paper called the Montebello Reporter.  Working in all of these position allowed me to overcome personal boundaries that had set me back in the past, as a person and as a storyteller. Journalism taught me courage, tenacity, boldness, persistence, discipline, and most importantly, what it means to love what you do.

I am currently continuing my education at Cal State Long Beach and furthering my knowledge in journalism. More recently, I’ve been learning to love the art of photography more and more. In the past, I was certain I was destined to be a writer, but now my destiny is being challenged.

I’m going to embrace this, because the most important thing I’ve learned is that life will never stop challenging you.