Trump victory spurs protests in Los Angeles and across the country

Anti- Trump protesters stand in solidarity in front of Los Angeles City Hall Nov. 9. (Photo by Alex Rodriguez)

Anti-Trump protesters filled the streets of Los Angeles Nov. 9, in an effort to spread a message of disapproval towards the new President-elect Trump.

Rallies began as early as 6pm in Pershing Square. Once a large amount of demonstrators were rallied, people marched to City Hall where hundreds of other protesters were gathered.

Protests at City Hall were relatively peaceful, even though a group of people lit a piñata modeled after Donald Trump’s head on fire, and a demonstrator climbed a streetlight to hang a piñata pig that was made to represent Trump.

Throughout the night, demonstrators chanted slogans like, “Say it loud, say it clear, immigrants are welcome here,” “Si, se puede,” and held up signs that read “This is very bad,” and “Not my president.”

One protester, an undocumented immigrant that wants to remain anonymous, explained why he felt it was his duty to take part in the protests that night. “My American dream. No matter how scared I am of the future of this nation and my own future, I won’t let it bring me down and stop me from doing what my parents brought me to this country to do, which is to thrive,” he explained.

Despite the relatively peaceful protests that filled the streets of Los Angeles and City Hall, other cells of protests scattered around LA didn’t go without police intervention. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, 29 people had been arrested after a crowd of demonstrators marched onto the 101 Freeway, prompting its shutdown.

Trevor, another demonstrator that wanted his last name omitted for anonymity, expressed his hopes for the future of the US populous, “We can’t expect him to step down, so I just hope that it’s healthy venting for a couple days… and then somehow we can just go back to life as normal.”

Dozens of protests against Trump’s Presidency have spurred across the country in mainly Democratic States like Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, some of which didn’t transpire as peacefully as the ones in LA.

In Oakland, 30 protesters were arrested and 11 were cited, according to Oakland police. The supposed crimes were vandalism, firearm possession, failure to disperse, and assault on an officer, police said.

In the midst of an anti-Trump rally in Seattle, five people were shot and wounded in front of a 7-Eleven after an argument broke out. According to Seattle Police, an unidentified man stepped away from the argument and began to open fire into a crowd of people who were not involved in the altercation. Police are still looking for the unidentified shooter, an adult male. Police emphasized that the shooting was not at all related to the protest.

Hillary Clinton made statements Wednesday that matched the tone of Trumps winning speech, where he vouched that it was “..time for America to bind the wounds of division.”

“Our nation is more deeply divided than we thought… we owe him an open mind and a chance to lead,” Clinton said.

Protests continue across the country while citizens keep an ongoing effort to express their dismay towards the President-elect, who will be inaugurated Jan. 20.


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